There is no fee for researchers attending the Workshop.

Speakers having sent a full version of the paper they will present at the Workshop will benefit from free accommodation (1 or 2 nights) and conference expenses (coffee breaks and meals) will be fully covered by the organizers.

The Workshop organizers will cover coffee breaks and lunch, but participants are expected to cover their accommodation and travel expenses to Valencia. Special prices will be negotiated with nearby hotels.

Please notice that registration is obligatory for all participants: the number of places is limited.

After closure of the Workshop, the participants will have the possibility to attend a cultural tour through the old town of Valencia as well as an evening concert of classic music in Rector Peset Hall, University of Valencia.

Please, also consider that this Workshop will be followed the day after (27th November 2019) by an all-day meeting about “Educational programs and cultural Festivals: new approaches and new audiences” (in Spanish language). This 2° day will involve organizers with expertise in cultural events, policy-makers, persons in charge of educational programs during Festivals, and other interested social stakeholders. Participants to the first day Workshop are more than welcome to attend also this free event (at their expenses).