Prof. Pierre-Jean Benghozi

Research Director CNRS

Pierre-Jean Benghozi is Research Director at the National Centre for Scientific Resarch (CNRS), Professor at the École Polytechnique (Paris) and at GSEM (Geneva University). Since the early 1980s, P-J. Benghozi has developed pioneering research on Information Technology, Telecommunications, Media and Culture. His latest book deals with videogames as a cultural industry. P-J. Benghozi is Co-chairman of AIMAC and board member of various international editorial and scientific committees.


Jean-Paul Simon

JPS Public Policy Consulting

Jean-Paul Simon is the founder of JPS Public Policy Consulting, a consulting firm specialized in media/ telecom law regulation and strategy. He has held various positions in the telecom industry, worked as a senior scientist at the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS), the European Commission, and the Directorate-General JRC. He has written several books and articles on communication and public policy and is a board member of academic journals. He is a frequent speaker on the telecommunications and media in Asia, Europe, and the United States.